House Construction, Renovations,
Remodeling in Ithaca, NY

“Highest Quality Work since 1981”

Construction Plans

From a cottage to a high-rise -- whatever your dream is, we’ll remodel it for you.

Our employees are adept at turning the simplest of ideas into detailed projects for construction. We enjoy taking on projects that may have an uncertain idea or direction and bringing it to a design, estimate and completion that you will be happy with.

It Starts with an Idea

Moravec Construction is a family-run business with John Moravec as the owner, Sue Moravec (wife of John Moravec) as the bookkeeper and John Manuel (son-in-law of John Moravec) as the manager of operations and design/estimating work.

"It's not the size of the project." he says, "It's what you can do with it. Whether it's an apartment or a mansion, it's an opportunity to do your best work."

Experience and Pride

We take pride in providing exceptional service and special attention that is always needed in those one-of-a-kind jobs.